The 8th annual Palm Bay Para-Flyers Fly-In event, March 15 - 17, 2018 in Palm Bay, Fl.  

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OK, so you've always wanted to fly, but it was just too expensive.Well, not any more!  Now, for about the same cost as a medium priced motorcycle, you can be in the air floating along like a bird!  With some of the same skills & coordination as it takes to ride, you could be flying!  Now it's possible for everyday people to own & fly their own ultralight aircraft and participate in aviation.  PPG makes possible affordable flight & ownership for those aviation enthusiasts who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pilot their own aircraft.  Even better, most units easily & disassemble so that they will fit in the trunk of even a compact car. Or box it up and sent ahead to your vacation spot or job site. These are absolutely the smallest and lightest ultralight aircraft in existence.

Paraglider KitingThe first phase of our training is learning to control the wing on the ground, called Ground Handling, which for most is the hardest part of the training & the sport in general. This involves the use of a wing and training harness. Kiting, as it is also called, can be learned in as little as a few hours to several days, depending on the skills of the individual pilot-to-be. 

When proficient, the next stage is kiting wearing the static motor to get a feel for the weight & balance.  Then there will be "taxi trials" where the student inflates the wing & uses the motor to help him taxi along the ground.  Next are the actual solo flights and you're on your way into an exciting sport that will, without a doubt, provide you many years of enjoyment, pride of accomplishment and an endless supply of thrills!

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Fri. 3/8/13 0800 Arrived at Compound. Wind was NNW 4 - 5 mph. Got in 3 flts. with my new Air Design Rama Flex 23.8 mt2 flat, 20.37 proj. wing. Very easy reverse inflation & launch. Don't think it required much more speed on launch or landing than the larger (M) 26.5 mt2 Rama I had flown before. Very pleased with it overall.    Video: Air Design Rama Flex in Flight

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