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          Dealer primarily for  Fresh BreezeFly Products, Power2Fly & Miniplane.  Can obtain most any other.

Fresh Breeze from Germany

Here are three of the most popular motors in the FreshBreeze line.  1st is the 20 HP Solo 210 "Airboss 122".  Nextis the 30 HP "Monster 122" with Hirth 312 motor for the really big guysor tandem.  3rd is the best selling 24 HP Simonini 122.

                   See all of their motors at the importer's web site.

         The new Fresh Breeze harness with Comfort Bars

I think Fresh Breeze answered the call with the 122 Simonini 24 HP Motor and their new harness suspension system. Their impressive new rotating comfort/spreader bars with sliding harness strap design offers the PPG pilot plenty of ground handling freedoms, rivaling light weight motors while achieving maneuvering superiority over the heavies. Agile and comfortable on the back, the 122 offered a maximum range of leg and torso movement while running backwards or forwards.  

No Torque Effect: The chair feels very stable in the air but doesn’t lock me to one side as compared to the old harness. Attribute this to the new comfort bars and suspension strap slip guides.  

Still A Detachable Harness: The seat can be detached and reattached in seconds just like the older harness.

Ground Handles Well: New innovative carabineer strap design, swiveling comfort/spreader bars, and leg attachment points gives the pilot more ranges of motion..

Innovative New Frame Attachment Points: The new seat suspension frame offers a versatile push-pin design for easy removal and harness attachment. Expect FB to use these attachment points for future frame enhancements.

Easy Seat Adjustments Points: Multiple adjustment points offer the pilot a tailored/comfortable feel on the ground and airborne.

Light Weight with Brute Power:
I can never say enough good things about the Simonini engine. I have flown my Simonini engine to the ground and it never once gave me trouble. The motor just runs and pours on the horsepower in the sky. Make no mistake-in my opinion-this is the engine of choice. Fresh Breeze rigs the lightest designed Simonini motor system in the industry. FB prides themselves with easy pull starting of their motor product lines and the 122 is no exception. The unit can be ordered with an electric starter adding about 7lbs to the pilots back.

Quiet-Purrs Like a Kitten: Although I would not recommend it, a pilot can fly without earplugs and not blow out the eardrums.

No Vibration:
I experienced no vibration while floating 50 feet over my favorite beach spot and the tandem flight was so smooth I thought we were soaring. The harness suspension system absorbs any residual vibration not stopped at the FB’s uniquely designed motor mounts

I had no notable negative experiences with the advancements of FB-122 however, for selfish reasons I could use a leg extender for my 38” inseams that extend beyond the edge of the chair. The harness offers a nice set of fixed metal D-rings to secure a kick strap for the feet relieving pressure on long flights. At least for me and guys like Dave “Spider” Warfield, an extra lip for the legs would bring it all home. Any normal size pilot should not experience this problem.  I was thoroughly blown-away by the changes made to the 122. Way-to-Go Fresh Breeze.
Mike Brown

New Fresh Breeze harness with Comfort Bars

Miniplane Models:

Miniplane PSF

In 1996 Per il Volo invented and produced the first harness attachment system to feature high hook-in points with low J-bar distance bars, called the PSF system.
It is today appreciated as the industry standard and most often copied by other manufacturers world wide.
Available in either the M (115cm prop) or L (125cm prop). An XL (135cm prop) is available for competition use.


Miniplane ABM

The new 2007 Miniplane frame allows the use of the proven PSF system or as an option the new revolutionary ABM system with pivot arms using a mid attachment point, in order to keep an excellent degree of stability, and at the same time allows for "active" pilot weight shift. Experts that have test flown this system agree that it allows great weight shift ability without the instability found on previous systems by other manufacturers. Read a Review by FootFlyer and Backyard Flight.


Miniplane PSF

Miniplane AB





2 blades 115

2 blades 125

empty weight


18,5kg (43 lbs) harness included


Top 80



Diaphragm Walbro, or basin Dell'Orto



125 x 125 x 75

135 x 135 x 75

reducible to h 75 x 40 x 40 

reducible to h 80 x 40 x 40

static thrust




noise level



climb rate **




consumption in level flight **

l / h


<   2

max. pilot weight






aluminum ergal and fiberglass

fuel capacity






3 Hours 

more than 4 hours

Top 80 Engine


Wings carried include Mac Para, APCO, Silex Powerplay Sting, Air Design & Action by Paramania  Other brands available as well. Email or call for more information, pricing and availability.


Email or call for more information and availability.

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